Retiring in 2 years Through “Aggressive” Condominium Property Investing | BiggerPockets Podcast 454

Retiring in 2 years Through “Aggressive” Condominium Property Investing | BiggerPockets Podcast 454


Retiring through passive revenue is why most folk get into exact estate, however hardly ever ever ever does somebody produce that purpose inside proper two years! Rachel Richards, exact estate investor, agent, and author of Money Honey shares her legend of aggressive exact estate acquisition. All purchased, by the methodology, with out a longer decrease than 20% down!

While her guests in excessive college also can like been reading for relaxing, Rachel used to be reading Neatly to put Dad Uncomfortable Dad and attempting to search out the appropriate methodology to alter into financially free. After she graduated from college she took jobs where she felt underappreciated and at some functions, humiliated. She realized that this used to be no longer the direction she would scramble down, and started investing rapidly after in 2017. By 2018, Rachel and her husband had purchased 38 doors. Perambulate, you heard that proper, 38 doors in below two years!

These rental properties allowed Rachel and her husband to retire, as they like been making six-figure incomes completely from their properties by myself. This didn’t point out two years in she used to be composed a rookie. A ways from it in actual fact. Rachel needed to systematize her rental properties besides-known as she would possibly well maybe maybe inside these two years so she would possibly well maybe maybe organize them prolonged distance while not having mountainous headaches along the methodology.

Rachel shares some attention-grabbing reviews, from turning a duplex into a rapid-duration of time boarding dwelling, to catching her property managers stealing over $6,000 from her. She’s learnt lots and place her data into her books Money Honey and Passive Earnings, Aggressive Retirement, every of that would possibly well maybe maybe will enable you to get to where she’s at now!

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